Ju Mail
  1. How to make new messages at the top of the list ?

    You can sort messages using deferent criteria. use the header elements when listing an email for sorting.

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  2. why is deleted message still available ?

    To delete the message you are reading, click the Delete link at the top of the message to mark it for deletion.

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    Deleting can be configured to work in two different modes -- delete mode and trash mode.
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    In delete mode, the messages are marked for deletion. Note that they are only marked for deletion, and not physically deleted, until you "purge" your deleted messages. Until purged, they will still appear in message listings, and you can still revisit them and in some cases even "undelete" them. If you dont want to see the deleted messages in your message lists, you can use the Hide Deleted link to conceal them from view. In trash mode, the messages are moved to a trash folder when deleted. Again, they are not actually deleted, only moved to the trash folder, until you empty your trash folder. You can "undelete" them by moving them out of the trash folder and into another folder, if desired. You can manually empty the trash folder, or you can schedule it to be emptied automatically at scheduled times.